Nth Degree Imaging become Puzzleflow UK Distributor

Nth Degree Imaging are pleased to announce that we have become sole UK distributor for the PuzzleFlow suite of workflow products.

PuzzleFlow is a brand owned by INFOSYSTEMS and represents a software line for the publishing and printing industry, continuously developed since 1998, focused on prepress automation from graphic design to finished product.

INFOSYSTEMS is a public company listed on GPW Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company delivers solutions for process management and specialises in the printing and publishing industry.

Nth Degree Imaging was seen as the logical choice to take the software into the UK market because of our focus on the future of the printing industry and our leading technical skills and resource.

The PuzzleFlow suite has solutions to address key needs in the Commercial, Digital & Large Format print sector;

PuzzleFlow Mosaic is a comprehensive production system for a B2B printing enterprise to service their key business partners via a Web2Print option. This highly specialised internet portal is delivered along with a complete PDF processing and production system.

PuzzleFlow Motif is a solution that can be integrated into all existing Web2Print solutions on the market. It has been designed to handle most crucial prepress operations in an automated way. Controlled by the external MIS and due to the built-in logic Motif takes care of file processing adjusted to product type and selected printing technique.

PuzzleFlow Organizer is an application for automated PDF imposition. It may work as an independent standalone application, or as a client station, connected to a centralised server-based production system like Motif or Mosaic.

PuzzleFlow Fresco is a portal solution to turn your print-ready PDFs into an e-publication with interactive and attractive presentation of the publication content, together with structural and multimedia modules.

PuzzleFlow Workflow is the most advanced, automated PDF workflow solution available. Over 40 available modules covering the complete spectrum of prepress tools from file checking to imaging. Automation, speed and stability are what sets Workflow apart.

PuzzleFlow ColorSaver is a solution for workflow-independent automated ink optimisation. ColorSaver is entirely industry standards based, it converts multiple file types to PDF, then works in the PDF language to maintain file integrity, while producing accurate separations that also save 20%, 30%, or more over un-optimised separations.

The key emphasis of the PuzzleFlow products is a software architecture that is built for speed, automation, customisation and extensibility. Files are streamed through the workflow – avoiding a file save and open at each point, vastly increasing speed to thousands of PDFs processed per hour. The ‘Puzzles’ – custom extensions for particular processes – can even be custom built for particular customer needs to achieve unheard of automation benefits.

Seamless integration with your MIS is also possible with an XML interface as well as scripting support to fine-tune the system yourself.

We are keen to hear from customers with unusual requirements that can’t be solved by other products on the market. We are also looking to appoint UK dealers. Please contact us to learn more.

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