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Product Description

Creating brilliant photos or generating proofs that predict your final print job, is essential in today’s demanding print environment. Whether you work as a photographer, creative director, print buyer, or designer, and whether your main concern is high-quality photo prints or validation and contract proofing, EFI presents two products to satisfy your needs. Both help you deliver high-quality pieces even when working with a limited budget. EFI eXpress for Photo and EFI eXpress for Proofing are two welcome additions to EFI’s software RIP solutions that are ideal for producing high-quality proofs and photo prints in a cost-effective manner.




Excellent results easily with eXpress for Photo

The EFI eXpress for Photo software RIP is easy to set up, easy to use, and provides high-quality photo print production. The automation features let the photographer concentrate on his creative work. Instead of wasting valuable time configuring the print production of photos, collections (single and multi-image templates) and contact sheets, creative professionals can focus on being creative.
A comprehensive set of production tools such as cropping, rotating, crop mark support can be operated easily. Automated and manual collection/nesting functionality improves media utilisation and thus saves expenses.

Ensure high quality with eXpress for Proofing

The EFI eXpress for Proofing software RIP offers the same ease-of-use and all the features of the eXpress for Photo version. Additionally eXpress for Proofing provides further valuable features to perform high-quality validation and contract proofing.
The spot colour simulation technique for optimal spot colour simulations makes spot colour management easy, e.g. it allows for intuitive one-click spot colour customisation. PANTONE, DIC, HKS and Toyo spot colour libraries are all part of the product.
The version’s native PDF support (Adobe PDF Print Engine) and the support of the Adobe PostScript 3 Engine safeguard that PDF, PS and EPS files are ripped correctly and lead to predictable print results.
eXpress for Proofing includes the latest Ugra/Fogra and IDEAlliancemedia wedges and supports all relevant file formats for the creative and proofing processes.

Succeed from the moment you open the box

Professional ICC colour management features are included such as the support of multi-colour (up to 7 channels) and device link profiles.
Both eXpress solutions are designed to be easy to use for experts and novices alike. They include wizards to easily license, register and set up the application, and accommodate all industry standards for photography proofing and production. Colour and printing presets for Photo, Proofing, Production, Business Graphics and more are part of the feature set too. Both the Photo and the Proofing solution give you the ability to quickly backup and restore application settings, as well as automatic update reminders.

Proof certification and profile optimization with EFI eXpress for Proofing Advanced

Colour consistency and quality is key within the professional graphic arts business. Digital control wedges are the base for precise quality control during proof and print. EFI eXpress for Proofing Advanced integrates a wizard based certification routine based on Fogra and IDEAlliance standards for precise output control in conjunction with stripe measurements with the Xrite EyeOne Pro or integrated Spectrophotometers like Epson’s Spectroproofer. Thanks to the job-based optimization feature, sub-optimal paper profiles can additionally be adjusted to meet the industry standards and individual quality requirements.

Compatible with industry standards

Both EFI eXpress for Photo and eXpress for Proofing are designed to support industry standards. They provide cross-platform support for Mac OSX and Windows and full EXIF support with GPS coordinate tracking. The solution’s colour management has been designed with all relevant industry standards in mind e.g. ICC, PDF/X, ISO (12647-7), SWOP, and GRACoL. And finally both eXpress solutions accept popular file formats including TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, RAW, PSD, ImageEPS and ImagePDF, while the eXpress for Proofing version additionally supports EPS, PS, PDF and the Remote Proofing Format (RPF). It goes without saying that both products are fully compatible with all EFI Fiery XF configurations.

Powerful support for the work you do

These products include 1,600 individually created printer linearisations and ICC profiles right out of the box, which you can easily and effortlessly update via any web connection. Both products support a continuously updated list of more than 150 printers from Agfa, Canon, Encad, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, OKI, Roland, Seiko and Xerox.