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Product Description

PuzzleFlow systems are native PDF applications based on PuzzleFlow’s own extensive PDF Library. Under continual development since 2000, the PuzzleFlow PDF Library is kept current, comprehensive, and suited to modern needs of the prepress industry.

PuzzleFlow’s solutions are engineered by a highly skilled team of specialists with decades of experience in printing and prepress file processing. PuzzleFlow’s unique solutions provide advanced levels of prepress automation scaleable from the smallest tasks to complex and demanding enterprise solutions.



A solution for printers aiming to get orders from the internet. It is not only a specialised e-commerce web-shop but a complete workflow for order processing within the print shop.

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The Digital Publication, the main output of Fresco, is an interactive and attractive presentation of the publication content, together with structural and multimedia modules.

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PuzzleFlow Motif has been designed to handle most crucial prepress operations in an automated way. Controlled by an external management system and due to the built-in logic Motif takes care about file processing adjusted to product type and selected printing technique.

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Organizer is a popular stand-alone PDF imposition software and ideal companion for any CtP system to speed up digital plate preparation for flat work.

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The most advanced, automated PDF workflow solution. Over 40 available modules covering the complete spectrum of prepress tools from file checking to imaging.

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Workflow independent automated ink optimization. ColorSaver is entirely industry standards based, it converts multiple file types to PDF, then works in the PDF language to maintain file integrity, while producing accurate separations that also save 20%, 30%, or more over un-optimized separations.

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