Roland SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640

Product Description

As Roland’s widest, fastest and most powerful print and cut device to date, this robust machine offers a whole host of fantastic features that puts it in a class above all other large format printers. From new ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink – including a new light black ink, metallic silver and high-density white to its two new inline mirrored print heads, the XR-640 delivers all round perfect performance.

Integrated printer/cutter

The SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640 streamlines the production process by automatically printing, and contour kiss / die cutting printed graphics all within the same device. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, this integrated printer/cutter saves valuable time and effort. And having both print and cut functionality in one system rather than separate devices will save space and investment cost. For cutting laminated graphics, the Quadralign four-point optical registration system automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for media skew and distortion. The PRO 4 can also be used as a stand-alone vinyl cutter.

Dual CMYK mirrored print head configuration

For higher print quality at faster speeds, the PRO 4 XR-640 features a mirrored ink configuration that virtually eliminates banding during bi-directional printing. This configuration allows the machine to deliver high quality and consistent colour, even in the fastest print mode at 49m² per hour.

Advanced print head technology

The SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640 is equipped with the latest print head technology, featuring two 8-channel piezo inkjet heads with 180 nozzles per channel. The print heads are arranged in an inline formation and its unique design produces droplets of seven different sizes which captures the intricate details in your image. The result is high-density printing with vibrant colours, flawless photographic reproduction, smooth gradations and superb contrast.

Advanced media handling

SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640 is ideal for long production runs thanks to its heavy duty media handling system that stabilise printer performance, ensures precision media feeding and support for media rolls up to 40kg. Upgraded media flanges and seven pinch rollers secure the heaviest media in place and adjustable print heads enable you to accommodate various media thicknesses. For unattended roll-to-roll printing, a media take-up system is included as standard.

Award winning eco-solvent ink

ECO-SOL MAX2 is a new high-density inkset which is highly scratch and chemical resistant to give long term outdoor durability. It supports a huge range of media and can produce a wide colour gamut. Stable and consistent output can be achieved with vibrant colours, sharp text and high definition.

4 ink configurations

8 Colour – CMYK Lc Lm + Light Black (Lk) + White (Wh)
8 Colour – CMYK Lc Lm + Light Black (Lk) + Metallic Silver (Mt)
8 Colour – CMYK Lc Lm + White (Wh) + Metallic Silver (Mt)
7 Colour – CMYK Lc Lm + Light Black (Lk)

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