Roland VersaUV LEC-330

Product Description

The ability and versatility of the LEC-330 is unrivalled. Able to print on to a huge range of substrates thanks to it’s instant drying ECO-UV inkset, along with CMYK plus Clear and White ink for unique special effects makes it revolutionary for producing packaging prototypes, control panels and labels.

The VersaUV printer/cutter can contour cut, fold and perforate your job automatically as well as integrating with the leading colour management software to produce highly accurate results.

Flexible wide-format printing

Choose from a huge variety of Vinyls, Polyester Films, Synthetic Papers, PET, Leather and more to produce your masterpiece. Rigid substrates up to 1mm thick can be used with in-built support tables at the front and back of the machine. Even Folding Box Board, Polycarbonate and other rigid materials can be used to produce mock-ups on the actual production substrate.
With Roland’s Intelligent Pass Control and a maximum resolution of 1440dpi the LEC-330 produces outstanding image quality with no signs of banding.

Unique special effects

The Clear ink can be used to produce rich special effects by layering in three dimensions as well as matt or gloss finishes. The White ink can add vibrancy to colours on dark substrates by adding layers underneath the colour ink as well as printing on transparent and shrinkwrap film for producing food packaging mock ups.

Three ink configurations

The LEC-330 can be configured in any of three ink combinations to enhance your workflow.
CMYK + White + Clear is the most versatile and can be used for any application.
CMYK + White + White mode is the combination to choose when high opacity is needed without slowing down production with overprinting. Great for enhancing the saturation of CMYK prints and producing undercoats and white text and graphic effects.
CMYK + Clear + Clear is a setup for high speed 3D texturing, with larger reliefs and more dramatic effects possible.

ECO-UV inks

The ECO-UV inkset is flexible and can stretch to conform to uneven and curved surfaces. Vacuum formed and moulded products can be easily prototyped as well as low-volume and one-off production of sign and display material.

UV-LED lamps

The latest generation of UV-LED lamps cure the UV inks instantly. They are automatically positioned for each print mode and for controlling the Clear ink surface finish. They have an instant warm-up so are only activated when needed, meaning their 10,000 hour life is reserved.

Print & Cut

The integrated contour cutting function is fully automated to print and cut seamlessly in one workflow. With full control of cut pressure, depth and a choice of blades you can achieve kiss cuts for stickers and even perforations on card stock. The cutting tool can be changed for a crease tool for accurate and simple folding of packaging mock-ups.

Quadralign optical registration

The Roland Quadralign system prints registration marks on your media so that the prints can be removed and laminated before re-loading for precision cutting. Distortion and skew are automatically corrected for.

Media take-up system

An automated take-up roller system means printing on roll media can be left unattended. With a choice to have the print on the inside or outside of the roll you can be sure that your work is protected.

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