Signracer 0604 UV LED Flatbed Printer

Signracer 0604 LED UV Flatbed Printer

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Product Description

The Signracer 0604 small format UV inkjet printer features automatic height adjustment with laser sensor and print table registration pins for perfect media positioning. This industrial built printer gives high quality printing results with the Ricoh Gen 5 industrial print heads. The white ink is circulated to keep the white pigment in suspension and the inks are a bulk fill type system, no cartridges.

  • Print area 610 x 420 mm
  • Media height up to 150 mm
  • 4 or 6 colours + White
  • Ricoh Gen. 5 print heads (4)
  • Grayscale 7pl – 21pl
  • Print Resolution up to 1200 dpi

NUtec Amethyst SRX-200 ink give high adhesion and flexibility for printing onto acrylic blocks, golf balls, usb sticks etc.

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Printing speeds (m2/h)

ModelDraftProductionQualityHigh Quality
1610 / 160023181412
2512 / 250029211614
2512 / 2500 Double Row44352925
3116 / 320031231715
3116 / 3200 Double Row50383127

Draft, Production, Quality are in 600x600 dpi fixed dot 7 picoliter. High Quality is 600x900 dpi grayscale
Double Row denotes the double row printhead configuration.

Minutes per print (60x40cm)


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