Signracer H-3200 Super-Wide Format UV LED Printer

SignRacer 3200 LED UV Hybrid Printer

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Product Description

The Signracer 3200 H-LED hybrid super-wide 3200mm printer is suitable for both rigid and flexible materials up to 50mm thick. The Signracer wide format printers production rate is high, enabling high output day after day.

Maximum Media width 3200 mm

  • Print super-wide widths of up to 3200 mm
  • Robust industrial Ricoh Gen5 print heads (2 – 8)
  • Future proofed (you can add another row of print heads at a later stage)
  • Automatic print carriage height adjustment up to 50mm
  • Grayscale 7pl – 21pl
  • High output LED curing lamps with variable power control
  • Registration bar for perfect media positioning
  • White ink circulation
  • Powerful vacuum pumps
  • Conveyor belt with 4 zoned vacuum

The Signracer 3200 H-LED hybrid wide format printer has fast start-up printing time due to high RIP processing speeds and the instant start LED curing system.  This coupled with the premium electronics and fibre optic highway to the print head makes the machine very productive. The Signracer is fitted with the robust Ricoh Gen 5 print head and we use  LED curing units manufactured in the U.K. by the world leader in UV LED, Integration Technologies. This low cost fast printer makes for a winning, versatile UV inkjet large format printer.

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Printing speeds (m2/h)

ModelDraftProductionQualityHigh Quality
1610 / 160023181412
2512 / 250029211614
2512 / 2500 Double Row44352925
3116 / 320031231715
3116 / 3200 Double Row50383127

Draft, Production, Quality are in 600x600 dpi fixed dot 7 picoliter. High Quality is 600x900 dpi grayscale
Double Row denotes the double row printhead configuration.

Minutes per print (60x40cm)


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